Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fortune cookie

Some people are born unfortunate. Well, you can count me in that league. But since that's a much gloomier, I mean darker [just imagine black feathers,dark shadows etc etc] discussion, I should rather confine myself within the much lighter assets that my misfortune have offered me. (actually describing gloomy, dark things require much huge a vocabulary which I lack unfortunately, so I would rather pass that responsibility to dark eyed, gothic metal loving lasses)

1. Arnab Basu, roll no. 000710 blabla must sit in the first bench in semester exams. Although Mr. Souvik Bhattacharya equally bears this misfortune [well, I am not cursing him so I guess I can use his full name xP] as well. Arnab Basu will find the whole world is cheating but he is not allowed to do that since he is in the first bench. Screwed, f**ckd or whatever you might call my situation. I used to turn back and see Mr. Soumya Bandyopadhyay exhibiting the basic principle of a copying machine. Mr. Pranenjyoti Sarkar re-establishing the utility of micro-xeroxes or Mr Arijit Kr. Gorai exploiting his positional advantages, but I was not allowed. Poor me. x(. And my stupid [:x] friends have an awkward habit of discussing their "copying efficiency" [its the ratio of how many questions you have copied and how many have you copied correctly] post exam. This is annoying. I am still suspicious that Bando Banerjee's favorite hobby is to plot those efficiencies against the respective exams and respective guards, and finding out the average efficiency by a weighted mean method. Aaaarrrrghhh, people are so adept at sprinkling salt in raw wounds.

2. Arnab Basu, must read in Electrical Engineering department. I really don't need an elaboration to make people realise that why its unfortunate, or do I? Electrical engineering department is the most sophisticated department of JU [ie JUEE=ZooEE, its pronounced like that, mind it] boasting world class professors who tells a group of examinees that their exam has been postponed due to non-availability of question papers. Everything happens in ZooEE, literally everything. Describing the paranormal activities and demonic rituals that happens inside it will require a thousand pages. I'll recommend you to go through some of my older posts if you are not a ZooEE-ite.

3. Right form birth, Arnab Basu's mom will whisper in his ears. "son, you are born in Saint Merry's nursing home in Kolkata". So, he will write up his birthplace as Kolkata wherever it required a mention, then on the date of Police verification, he will find that his birth certificate is from Jhargram municipality, and hence is passport processing will get stuck. I dun really understand that what was the necessity of uttering those words constantly. It dun seem like a normal dialogue that a mom gives to his son.[examples of normal dialogues given by a mom to her son - "Eat","Sleep", "Cut expenses", "Don't drink", "Don't smoke" and off course " I'll kick you out of this house", the last one being most frequent] .Perhaps another feather in my misfortune.

4. I haven't proposed anyone for quite a long time [read 6 months :|, and that's true you idiots :x]. Okay, so the last time I did so, I heard a reply NO! with addons," had you born a couple of years earlier *sigggghhhhh*" well! I might have snapped back by saying, "had you born a couple of years later" but it was my interest,right?! Goes into misfortune thus.

Sometimes I wish fortune to be an edible thing. Like, if I eat that thenceforth I will be rendered as lucky, fortunate or whatever you want to call it.


srijita said...

the birth certificate thing is true?? :O gawd! XD XD

Soulreaver said...

yesh x(

satans-utopia said...
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wideeyedshark said...

bacchha you are not the only one

Soulreaver said...

lol!! xD... that's what makes me to make humor off it xD