Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fortune cookie

Some people are born unfortunate. Well, you can count me in that league. But since that's a much gloomier, I mean darker [just imagine black feathers,dark shadows etc etc] discussion, I should rather confine myself within the much lighter assets that my misfortune have offered me. (actually describing gloomy, dark things require much huge a vocabulary which I lack unfortunately, so I would rather pass that responsibility to dark eyed, gothic metal loving lasses)

1. Arnab Basu, roll no. 000710 blabla must sit in the first bench in semester exams. Although Mr. Souvik Bhattacharya equally bears this misfortune [well, I am not cursing him so I guess I can use his full name xP] as well. Arnab Basu will find the whole world is cheating but he is not allowed to do that since he is in the first bench. Screwed, f**ckd or whatever you might call my situation. I used to turn back and see Mr. Soumya Bandyopadhyay exhibiting the basic principle of a copying machine. Mr. Pranenjyoti Sarkar re-establishing the utility of micro-xeroxes or Mr Arijit Kr. Gorai exploiting his positional advantages, but I was not allowed. Poor me. x(. And my stupid [:x] friends have an awkward habit of discussing their "copying efficiency" [its the ratio of how many questions you have copied and how many have you copied correctly] post exam. This is annoying. I am still suspicious that Bando Banerjee's favorite hobby is to plot those efficiencies against the respective exams and respective guards, and finding out the average efficiency by a weighted mean method. Aaaarrrrghhh, people are so adept at sprinkling salt in raw wounds.

2. Arnab Basu, must read in Electrical Engineering department. I really don't need an elaboration to make people realise that why its unfortunate, or do I? Electrical engineering department is the most sophisticated department of JU [ie JUEE=ZooEE, its pronounced like that, mind it] boasting world class professors who tells a group of examinees that their exam has been postponed due to non-availability of question papers. Everything happens in ZooEE, literally everything. Describing the paranormal activities and demonic rituals that happens inside it will require a thousand pages. I'll recommend you to go through some of my older posts if you are not a ZooEE-ite.

3. Right form birth, Arnab Basu's mom will whisper in his ears. "son, you are born in Saint Merry's nursing home in Kolkata". So, he will write up his birthplace as Kolkata wherever it required a mention, then on the date of Police verification, he will find that his birth certificate is from Jhargram municipality, and hence is passport processing will get stuck. I dun really understand that what was the necessity of uttering those words constantly. It dun seem like a normal dialogue that a mom gives to his son.[examples of normal dialogues given by a mom to her son - "Eat","Sleep", "Cut expenses", "Don't drink", "Don't smoke" and off course " I'll kick you out of this house", the last one being most frequent] .Perhaps another feather in my misfortune.

4. I haven't proposed anyone for quite a long time [read 6 months :|, and that's true you idiots :x]. Okay, so the last time I did so, I heard a reply NO! with addons," had you born a couple of years earlier *sigggghhhhh*" well! I might have snapped back by saying, "had you born a couple of years later" but it was my interest,right?! Goes into misfortune thus.

Sometimes I wish fortune to be an edible thing. Like, if I eat that thenceforth I will be rendered as lucky, fortunate or whatever you want to call it.

Eternal boredom of the spotty mind

Back??? um-hmmm, may be,or may be ,its just that I dun have anything to do. The post-college days boredom is really eating my mind up. and I just can't resort to my secure hiding place because time is on the verge of snatching that from me. So, if you are to face the devil, then face it ASAP. no point in delaying the process and suddenly realizing that what time has stolen from you. So, that's precisely the reason for me not going to the college now-a-days. People are also gradually becoming concerned about whether I have made myself into a psycho or something like that (haha! like I wasn't before). Sitting all day long on a not so comfy couch and sipping whiskey at night time with none else around, sounds kinda awkward to me too. But then what else to do? this poor bloke has been stripped of his pocket money ever since he gave his last exam. x(. Finding a pub is wee a harder task for a beggar like figurine that you can ever imagine. and people are thinking that I've turned into a snob or may be I'm holding a grudge or whatever... *sigh**no body understands me x(*
Then people will suggest me to come over to the college and enjoy the booze session. Hell no! all these days I have been a man who was suffering from the dilemma of what is moralistic and what is feasible. Too bad, [as some people say, "mentally unstable ] I always succumbed to select the feasible option. But now I think I have an alternative. ok, enough of trash talking, I will not drink in the cellar room.Or at least, try to avoid it as much as possible. x(
Sitting in a couch, and facebooking is not also an wise option. But as I've already told, I'm jobless and hence am literally commenting in the status updates of even those people,whom I know remotely or worse, to those people with whom I have a tussle. Poor me. x(.... eternal boredom of the spotty mind x(

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its been quite a while since my last blog. To say the truth, I was busy. Was hell busy with my life. I still remember, when I was smaller and was bothered and moved by pretty small issues, my parents used to say,"preserve this emotion, you'll need this later." and may be I felt unsatisfied with their assertion. May be I was bothered about myself too much.I believed that my share of sorrows were greater than anyone in this Earth. Gradually, as time passed by, I got into music. It taught me that I was not the only one suffering. There are hundreds and thousands of people facing similar [if not worse] situations. Now that I'm about to step into the 22nd year in my life, I realise I it even more bitterly. Gone are the days of butterfly feeling in my stomach and gossiping hours with friends about my newest crush. The mundane earth welcomes me. Problems,worries, agonies beckon me. Pain says, " for all this days, you've misused my name, now take a taste of me." and I had no option other than to surrender. So, please don't grow up. Since, as you grow up the real face of life will get revealed to you. And that's not very pleasant!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

One day I collected a bundle of twain. It was with a kite that fell on our terrace. Now, I can't fly kites. But still have an weird tendency to collect kites and twains (or at least I had). I felt that kites are beautiful. They impart some color variation in the otherwise dull sky (although, the sky itself ain't dull most of the time, but still... kites look good). So there's an explanation for my rather unusual affection towards kites, but what about twains? however I am not here for talking about my hobbies and all. However, I bundled up the twain as neatly as possible and put it aside. I desperately not wanted them to get entangled. A few days later, when I brought it from the shelf, it was tangled!!!
No matter, how desperately you try to keep things simple, straight and parallel; they get crooked and entangled. May be one would have done better had it was all him dealing the whole matter.However, in most of situations that is not the case. But you can't control the other people involved with the same incidence. There are and there will always remain some emo people, some too complicated to think straight, some seeking the meaning of "life" and " god" [duh!!] and some, who just relishes spoiling others broth.
How does it feel when you see your house to be aged, you apply some paint to make it like new and when you return home, you find things turned all the same again by some political writings on your wall. How does it feel when you plaster a broken corner of your house, and later you find it same all over again?
There are some people who never stop trying, who never gives up. But more importantly there are even more people who just loves to demolish it down. But still, if one manages to keep things straight, the credit belongs entirely to him.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some lessons

While returning from college via the bus route, I sometimes halt before a particular street food vendor. This favorite hawker of mine sells unique "aloo" chops. Now, whether the taste of his chops are exquisite or not is a matter of dispute. But today I've learnt a lesson from this old chap. May be I've learnt the lesson much before, but he for once again he pointed it out in front of me.

Today when I asked "Kaka" to give me chops worth rs 6, Kaka told me to wait for a while. But the other people around were not his regular customers, so obviously they were a bit irritated with this delay, someone among them asked, " where's your son Kaka??" why isn't he helping you today?" Kaka replied with a calm voice, " He has his studies. and I think its better to indulge yourself in studies than to waste your time, I can do this job singlehandedly, may be that will cause some delay. But I can withstand that especially when the cost is a few study hours". Kaka taught me that even the poorest and most illiterate person really cares much about studies than we do. Probably its because our parents have never given us any chance to complain about our education. And its a well-proven fact that human beings tend to neglect what they achieve at ease. May be, the counted number of books that the poor chap managed to buy for that lad, isn't enough for his studies. That's why they put so much of stress on studies.

The point is not solely about studies. I've studied quite a few people and observed that they tend to neglect what comes at ease.

This is the incident of one day. Another day, I went to "Kaka's" stall much earlier, say at five in the afternoon or so.Kaka,then was just preparing for daily sells. That day those chops were for my parents, and it was their veggie day. So I asked Kaka, beforehand that whether his chops are purely veg or not. Now one thing I need to clarify in this context that this first sell is extremely important for hawkers. They call it " bouni" and they believe that the sell for the rest of the day hugely depends upon this first sell. And they try their level best to ensure that this first customer does not return empty handed.

So Kaka thought for a moment and then asked me, " what exactly do you mean by saying veg?"
I said, " that it mustn't contain any traces of garlic or onion".Kaka replied, " no dear!! this chops contain garlic". I returned but was awestruck. I personally do not prefer this habit of my parents and my question was just for its sake [ie just for questioning purpose], but the honesty of that poor man made me bow in front of him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The death sentence of Kasab

To tell you the truth I don't know his full name, neither have I any interest to know that either. I don't regard him as a celebrity unlike many of the daily newspapers. Even the daily routine of Kasab is now available over the electronic media. I personally do not think him to be such an important guy first of all. But let's come back to the topic.

The greatest dispute that has arisen now, is to whether death sentences should be banned or not. Thousands of humanist organisations have joined the rally in order to cancel the death sentence of the only surviving terrorist of the Mumbai attack. I am too small a human being to judge whether death sentences should be there or not. But imagine the consequence of banning death order. Suppose I am a terrorist [say ;)] and I am planning to bomb a super mall and take thousands of lives. Now suppose I get caught. As far as I know, the maximum span of imprisonment according to Indian constitution [not sure] is 17 years. So if I get caught, at maximum I'll get imprisoned for only 17 years. Forget justice and everything. In that case, you need not be a "zihadi" to perform such an attack. Everybody with a "proper"(??!!) reason to attack someone will also join the act. Chidambaram got hit by a sandal a few days back. Now, if death sentences are cancelled, on the next occasion he'll probably get hit by a 0.5 mm . Its not that I am a great supporter of the Indian political leaders. But my hatred is not to the point of assassinating them. With the criminals being aware of the fact that they won't get killed,they will certainly spread a rampage.

I am on for Kasab's death sentence. No matter what media creates of him, a superman, a lone boy, a hernia patient or whatever. I do think that the souls that died at Mumbai need to rest in peace. And the only way to accomplish that is to prosecute their murderer in my opinion.

[this article consists solely of personal views and thoughts, and there is no intention to harm/disregard/disrespect any person/organisation/country living or dead.]

Sunday, May 09, 2010

A comparison between Creed and Alterbridge

Its a comparative study between Creed and Alterbridge from an ordinary listener's point of view.For those to whom both of the names are alien words: those are in fact two alternative rock bands. The reason of this comparison being that Alterbridge was actually formed by some ex-creed members [Mark Tremonti,Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall to be specific] on 2004 after Creed got disbanded, and the lead vocal Scott Strapp chose to go for a solo career. So, its quite natural to discuss whether the effect of this disband was positive or negative.

I used to think that Creed songs are for happy souls, it "apparently" talks about the lighter sides of life. Their main theme being success, joy, love stories etc [all apparently] whereas Alterbridge songs quite clearly helps one to fight the griefs in his/her life, makes him/her realise that he/she is not the only one out in this world facing all those troubles. I personally feel that "happy souls" don't need music for their survival that much. So I used to prefer Alterbridge. Until I realized that there is a hidden message in almost all Creed songs. Say for example, "My sacrifice" apparently tells the story of a successful love where the boy is saying how much he has been obliged by the presence of his lady love. But if one listens carefully he will notice that past tense is used throughout the song. Also the significance of repeated usage of the words "my sacrifice" remains unexplained. I had to listen to the song carefully for at least 50 odd times to realize the fact that the boy is actually no more in this world. The same is true with "With arms wide open" although here the statement is a bit clearer. While stating how much he adores her, suddenly the singer shouts out, " If I get one more chance,......, I hope he's not like me, I hope he understands"... most of the Creed songs makes one to think.

While Alterbridge songs are much more straightforward I reckon. Its much easier to grasp the meaning of the sentence, " on broken wings I am flying, it wont take long"["Broken wing"] than to guess the meaning from tenses. Most of the Alterbridge songs are enriched with such easy to comprehend lyrics. Say " Metalingus"... I don't think that there's any hidden meaning. Also, I personally feel that Alterbridge dares to experiment with the music. [ the instrumentals], which is a negative side in Creed's songs according to my opinion.

I personally think that songs should be easy to comprehend [there's rocket science for complicated minds], so although I must admit that Creed songs are beautiful and some of them are among my all time favorites; my choice is Alterbridge. x)